Montag, 2. März 2009

Es fischert wieder

Nicholas Cage wäre in etwas jüngeren Jahren der ideale Bobby Fischer-Darsteller gewesen. Die Rolle übernimmt der Regisseur dieses Bobby-Fischer-Filmprojekts aber nun gleich selbst.

Kommenden Freitag und Samstag findet übrigens im New Yorker Marshall Chess Club ein Symposium über den voriges Jahr verstorbenen Exchamp statt. Organisator ist Frank Brady, Autor einer Fischer-Biografie und Journalismus-Professor an einem New Yorker College, auf dessen Buch ein Dokumentarfilm beruht, der auch zu sehen sein wird. Hier die Ankündigung:

The first International Symposium on Bobby Fischer will take place on March 6th and 7th at the world’s most famous gathering place for chessplayers, The Marshall Chess Club. Bobby Fischer (1943-2008) often competed at the Club, and it was there that he played his most startling “Game of the Century.” The event is sponsored by the Marshall Chess Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes the game though tournaments, instruction and scholarships for juniors.

“The point of the Symposium is an attempt to understand the enigma of Bobby Fischer,” said Dr. Frank Brady, president of the Marshall. Two philosophers, a Grandmaster, a biographer, and a player who once beat Fischer, will be among many of those who will present papers, or share reminiscences of Fischer, possibly the greatest chess player who ever lived. A book company is planning to publish the proceedings in hard-cover.

Combined with the Symposium, there will be a display of some of the documents, letters and other ephemera that make up the Fischer Archive, a newly-acquired trove of thousands of items, recently donated to the Marshall Chess Foundation.

The event is open to spectators, free of charge but a donation may be made to the Foundation.

Program for Fischer Symposium

Friday, March 6th: 1PM to 6PM

1. “Still Searching for Bobby Fischer” Dr. Frank Brady
2. “Fischer and the Marshall Attack” Dr. Glenn Statile and Prof. Thomas Kerr
3. “A Fischer Poem and Fischer in Reykjavik” Roz Katz
4. “Return of the Bobby Snatchers” Russell Targ
5. “Reminiscences of Bobby Fischer” Asa Hoffmann
6. A documentary film about Fischer


Saturday, March 7th: 1PM to 6PM

1. “Fischer and Random Chess” William Hartston
2. “Fischer and the Worldwide Church of God” from the Internet
3. “Fischer and Chess Education” Stephen Dann
4. “Explaining the Citizenship Failure of Fischer vs. Kasparov’s Success” Dr. Paul Wilhelm and Weston Wilhelm
5. “The Sociology of Bobby Fischer” John Barroso
6. “Fischer and His Jewish Father” Peter Nicholas and Clea Benson
7. Special Grandmaster Presentation (To Be Announced)

Summation and Closing Dr. Frank Brady

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