Freitag, 27. November 2009

Wasjas Depression

Nach seinem unglücklichen Ausscheiden gegen Wesley So beim Weltcup ließ Wassili Iwantschuk seiner Enttäuschung freien Lauf. Er ging so weit, dass Schach nicht mehr seine Lebensaufgabe sei und er sich neue Ziele setzen wolle. (In etwas besseres Englisch übertragene) Zitate aus seiner Pressekonferenz:
"The unlucky days started when I could not beat Vladimir Kramnik in the final round of the Tal Memorial. But I could. The real tragedy started then. I was so unlucky at the Moscow blitz, as I have never been unlucky in my life. I blundered all possible pieces: queen, rooks, and pawns. At that blitz tournament I was as if I was thrown out of a saddle. Plus I was losing. (...)
To my mind I should leave professional chess now. Chess becomes a hobby for me from now on. As for the signed contracts, yes, I will play in all tournaments where I have to. Perhaps I will even participate in a tournament before the New Year. I should win something! And that will be the end. No serious plans, no professional goals. (...) I am sure, from now on I should forget about any serious aims in chess. I don't need anything from chess anymore. I start a new life with new goals. Chess… I will become just a chess fan now. I will follow chess; will follow the games of my ex-colleagues. (...) Now chess is killing me. Chess is playing against me! Chess is destroying me! (...) Now I only feel that the world crashed down around me. Everyone is against me and I don't see the way out."

Ein Hilferuf. Dieser Mann braucht professionelle Unterstützung.

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